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Undergraduate Program

The undergraduate program in Political Science offered by the Department of Government and International Affairs will provide students with a detailed study of the institutions and processes of American Government, foundations in Political Theory, as well as an examination of the international system and foreign political systems through the study of International Relations and Comparative Politics. The nature and context of the program allows students, upon completion of the program, to confidently move on to an advanced degree in Political Science, seek employment in the public sector, or utilize skills acquired in analysis, communication and writing in private sector pursuits.


Certain International Studies courses will now count for the Political Science Major. These are the approved courses:

For Field II, Comparative Government and Politics:
ASN 3012 Japan Today
ASN3014 China Today
ASN 3030 The Middle East
EUS 3000 Europe
EUS 3022 Russia
LAS 3002 Latin America
LAS 3044 The Americas- Latin America and Caribbean

For Field III, International Relations:
INR 3011 Globalization
INR 3018 World Ideologies
INR 3033 International Political Cultures
INR 3038 International Wealth and Power
INR 3084 International Terrorism
INR 3141 Global Security Policy
INR 3202 International Human Rights
INR 4083 Conflict in the World

Please email your advisor if you decide to take any of these above International Studies courses to satisfy your Political Science requirements.