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Political Science Internship Program

Application for Admission
Internship Information

I understand that the requirements for the Political Science Internship Program (POS 4941) are:

  1. At least fifteen (15) hours of internship work per week, or a total of 225 hours over the course of a 15 week period.
  2. A corroborative letter from the agency/site supervisor specifying the duties and responsibilities of the internship experience,
  3. A final evaluation from the site supervisor,
  4. A weekly journal and a final research paper (15-20 typed, double spaced pages).

I have attached a Field Work Proposal that includes the following items:

  1. A current resume or employment history,
  2. A list of courses taken and grades received (DegreeWorksAudit),
  3. A brief summary of your duties and responsibilities during the internship (does not apply if the internship is provided by the Political Science program),
  4. A brief explanation of your reasons for pursuing experiential learning and how your chosen internship relates to your academic curriculum and your career goals.
Please attach any related documents here: