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Frequently Asked Questions by Incoming Students

Are there pre-requisites for the Political Science or International Studies majors?
Yes, there are state mandated common pre-requisites, however, they are only recommendations.

For Political Science the pre-requisites are 2 introductory courses with POS, INR, CPO prefixes.  For  example:  POS 1041 or POS 2041.

For International Studies:  While the INT program does not have mandatory prerequisites, a student may apply up to 10 credit hours of lower level courses from the following list: AFS2250, Culture and Society in Africa; ANT 2410, Cultural Anthropology;  GEA 200, World Regional Geography; CPO2002, Comparative Politics; INR 2002, Introduction to International Relations; REL 2300, Introduction to World Religions; or GEB 2350, Doing Business Around the World.

Do I have to take a foreign language at the university level if I completed 2 years in high school?
Yes, to receive the degree in Liberal Arts, it is required to take at minimum 2 semesters of a foreign language. Please meet with your advisor for further language courses requirements particular to your major.

How many credits are involved in the Political Science or the International Studies majors?
POL: 36 credits
INT: 36 credits
Can I double major in both International Studies and Political Science?

Yes, and you can even share a maximum of 2 courses, up to 8 hours.
Do you offer credits for Internships?
Yes we do, however, we recommend you do internships in your Junior or senior year once substantial coursework has been completed.

How many credits do you recommend I take?
We usually recommend students take no more than 15 credits, especially their first year at USF.

What are the first courses one should take in Political Science major?
POS 2041, CPO 2002 or INR 2002, or either ECO 1000, ECO 2013, or ECO 2023.

What are the first courses one should take in the International Studies major?
INR 2002, CPO 2002 or INR 3011.

Do you have a pre-law program at USF?
Yes, the pre-law track is open to all students of all majors who plan to later attend law school. This track is neither a major or a minor, but intended to provide students with a background in the skills and context usefull in preparation for entering law school. Please refer to our pre-law website (link when created) and the pre-law advisor, Ms. Rahi Dayerizadeh, for more information about the courses that would augment your degree requirements.

How do I set up an appt to see my advisor?
For Political Science or Pre-law advising please set up an appt with Ms. Rahi Dayerizadeh  through

For International Studies or the Asian Certificate please set up an appt with Ms. Pamela Anderson through

Do you have walk-in hours?
Not at this time, however, we do answer our emails in a timely manner and you can send us your U number and questions.

Do I have to declare a minor?
No, you just meet with the advisor of your minor and take the recommended courses. You only declare the minor on your graduation application the semester you want to graduate.