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Internship Opportunities

The Government & International Affairs department encourages students majoring in International Studies to complete an internship as part of their undergraduate degree program. While an internship is not required for the degree, it does provide the student with valuable, real world experience that can assist the student in preparation for a career after finishing the International Studies degree. The Government & International Affairs department allows up to 6 credits of unpaid internship to count as an INT elective. In order to qualify for credit, the internship does need to be approved by the International Studies Internship faculty advisor. Please complete the Pre-Internship forms below and submit to the faculty advisor, Dr. Tauber at For more information or if you have questions about the suitability of an internship site idea, please contact your Academic Advisor.

Pre-Internship Forms:
International Studies Internship Application
USF Site Supervisor Agreement

Post-Internship Forms:
USF Site Supervisor Evaluation Form
USF Student Site Evaluation Form

The following are possible internship sites

Tampa - Internship Opportunities

  • Metro Tampa Bay International Board of Trade & Commerce Council
  • An International Business
  • The United Nations Association
  • Consulate of Panama—Tampa
  • Consulate of Peru - Tampa
  • Immigration Law Firm
  • Women for Women International
  • Selected Non-Profit Organizations

Out of State Internship Opportunities

  • U.S. Department of State

For more information on student Internship opportunities go to:
Student Internship Information Brochure (104kb, PDF)

Student Volunteers (SV)
The Student Volunteer Program offers unpaid training opportunities to high school and college students. These opportunities provide work experience related to the student’s academic goals and provides them an opportunity to explore career options, develop their personal and professional skills all while earning school academic credit for their internship.
Student Volunteer service enriches the student’s future by:

  • Allowing career exploration early in their academic studies,
  • Exposing them to new and emerging occupations,
  • Giving them academic credit for the work they perform (determined by their school.), and
  • Giving them experience which will enhance their ability to obtain paying jobs in the future.

Volunteer service is not creditable for leave accrual or any other employee benefit. Student Volunteers are not considered to be Federal employees for any purpose other than Federal Tort Claims provisions and compensation for injuries sustained during the performance of work assignments.
This program requires a tailored written agreement, signed by all parties, CBP, the school and the

Student Volunteer Service (Internships)
The Student Intern Program provides unpaid academic study-related work assignments that allow students to explore career options in addition to developing personal and professional skills. Working in Washington, D.C., or in various field offices located throughout the United States, can prepare students for a career with the United States Secret Service.
The program offers many advantages, including career exploration early in a student's academic studies, exposure to new and emerging occupations/technologies, academic credit for the work performed (this is determined by the academic institution), and work experience that may be considered relevant if the student later applies for permanent employment. The program, however, is not intended to provide the intern with investigative or protective experience.

Interested in foreign affairs? Looking for a career where you can make a difference? This unique program is designed to give promising undergraduate students, particularly minorities and people with disabilities, the opportunity to gain practical work experience that complements their academic studies.

To apply for any of DIA's special programs, please apply online.