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 Mark  Grzegorzewski

Mark Grzegorzewski

Mark Grzegorzewski




Dr. Mark Grzegorzewski holds a PhD, M.A., and B.A. in Political Science from USF, plus a graduate certificate in Globalization Studies. Currently, Dr. Grzegorzewski is a professor in the graduate department at Joint Special Operations Command University.

Dr. Grzegorzewski is interested in International Relations, Comparative Politics, American Foreign Policy, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Christian Zionism, Middle East water politics, Iranian nuclear policy, and Muslim-American identity. His dissertation examined how American foreign policy towards the Middle East impacts the identity of Muslim Americans.

Dr. Grzegorzewski has presented at the 2015 International Studies Association Conference on “Muslim American Identity”; the 2014 USF Interdisciplinary Conference on “How American Foreign Policy Towards the Middle East Impacts the Identity of Muslim Americans”; the 2013 Florida Political Science Association Conference on “Banal Nationalism and Religious Rhetoric in America”; and the 2012 Southern Political Science Association Conference on “The Party of Opposition: The Worker's Party and Middle East Foreign Policy.” He also published two articles in The Florida Political Chronicle titled “Banal Nationalism and Religious Rhetoric in America” and “R2P or Not R2P, That is the Question”; an article in Counterpunch titled "The Normalization of Conflict and the Impact on the Citizen"; and an article in Politix titled “The Road Map to Procrastination.” In addition to these publications, Mark has three book reviews in the Political Studies Review on “Al-Qaeda's Post-9/11 Devolution,” “Feeling Betrayed: The Roots of Muslim Anger at America,” and “Dark Crusade: Christian Zionism and U.S. Foreign Policy.”


Ph.D. in Government